Does the Weather Matter?

Its Summer, we have just been through four days of 40+ degrees Celsius, then the sudden change of temperatures dropping to 16 degrees C and lots of rain. My question is does your choice in drinks from days where its extremely hot to days of cooler temperatures and rain change? or Do you stay with your favourite no matter the outside temperature?

If you are a white wine lover and its a cool night and guest are around the table for dinner, do you stay with white wine, change it up to a nice lighter style red, like a Pinot Noir, or do you make your choice from the style of food that you are eating. Or are you a lover of stunning red wines that are jammy, full bodied and scrumptious that no matter the temperature outside that is what you will drink? Or do you make the change on warmer days with friends chilling out around the BBQ and pool?

I guess for some we all stay true to our loves, whether it be red or white wine, sweet or dry, or that something in between. Or are we to fly by the seat of our pants and pair our choice of drink with the style of food that we are cooking, or going out to eat?

So I ask the question again; Does the weather change your choice in drink?

Till next time….


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