Robust and Mature or Young and Fresh?

Summer has passed, the days have been cooler, we have been delivered some good rain. Yes humidity is about, though the breeze sweeps in and surrounds you with its coolness of the months to come.

We still have days of surrounding ourselves with friends and family at BBQ and dinner parties out on the patio, though the nights have a cool freshness, we start to look deeper into a bottle of luscious, fruity, medium to full bodied red wine. Do you look for a feisty young red or a robust, matured red?

Lets take a quick look at a couple different wines:

The Jim Barry McRae Wood 2010 Shiraz, Clare Valley: A medium bodied, though concentrated Shiraz, showing a stunning purple/red colour with immense brightness. Presenting perfumed and floral aromas of sandalwood, marjoram and thyme. The palate has a core of sweet dark fruits including raspberry, loganberry, plum and cherry. Tannin’s are fine grained and carefully balanced with vibrant acidity and a satisfying finish.


Now we will have a look at a 2014 Fraser Gallop Cabernet Merlot from Margaret River, a medium bodied red as well, with deep seated cherry red hues. Aromas aloft with fresh pomegranate juice, cherry juice and complemented with vanilla and spiced oak. With a cheerful palate of fresh cranberry and raspberry flavours, topping off with a little rhubarb and some savoury notes of pomegranate molasses. Finishing nicely with fine silky tannin’s.

fraser gallop image

We have two distinctively different wines, one from Clare Valley with age, and from Margaret River, young and fresh, now it comes down to choice of which would you prefer. For me personally I am a lover of Clare Valley wines as I find them that little bit more richer in texture in the mouth, than our great Margaret River wines, but that is my own opinion, and like we know everyone’s taste for wines are so different.

I would be curious to hear of your choices from the two wines, and why?

Until next time, have a great week and enjoy the wine you are having.


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